Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Duster UA & Vage Gasten @ Graffik London

OTP will be live painting alongside our good friends from Amsterdam. Vage Gasten.
Check their website here.

The event will mark the launch of Duster from NY's new exhibition at the Graffik gallery.
The facebook group is here.

Info below stolen from the facebook group.

'DUSTER UA, from New York is over in London. Our man DON whom we have been working with back since day 1 is organizing a whole series of events in conjunction with London Miles gallery, Graffik London and Graphotism in which DUSTER will give talks, show specialist movies and of course...paint.

(check event page DUSTER UA on facebook for more info)

Vage-gasten, our brothers from Amsterdam, are a vivacious and expert crew of street ...artists and event promoters. For couple of days only they will be gracing London with their presence and Graffik will of course be one of their necessary stops. Their aim is to bring us a bit of that Dutch flavour, from their own very special perspective, but above all what they want is to meet new people and COLLABORATE.

So that is what we have given them the opportunity to do.

They will be painting big piece in the Graffik Back Yard in collaboration with DUSTER and DON.

Inside the gallery there will be 1 wall exhibiting DUSTER's NY subway maps, and on the other will be a series of Vagegasten's takes on the Dutch Masters. Sounds like a promising Saturday!

Please come down from 12am and enjoy yourself with us for the whole day.

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

OTP catalogue/mini book

To celebrate the opening of our show at The Orange Dot gallery in july, we produced a 40 page, full colour catalogue which can be purchased at a reasonable price online here.

Thursday, 11 November 2010


Please help our good friend and long-term OTP collaborator by voting for his poster design.
This sad Zombie did not head the warning from his mother to not eat dirt...the worm eggs in the dirt hatched and spread through his body until they popped out of his head!! Poor Zombie...

Friday, 5 November 2010